It levels the playing field.



Equipping tomorrow’s youth through facilitating innovative routes to STEAM education


Jump Institute’s mission is to get students excited about STEAM. Simple right?! Our platform will facilitate students posting various forms of media such as videos, pictures, and audio content, detailing prevalent STEAM concepts. The platform will also afford students the opportunity to pose questions to which they don’t understand, or need a little extra help and get answers from peers.

A Global Social Ecosystem

Envision a community of creators, thinkers, leaders with courage and confidence to “be the teacher”. We believe that social networking can be utilized as an accelerator in our students’ motivation. Through interactions and connections made all in the interest of education students will lead discussions and find their own answers.

Application of concepts to the Real-World

Studies have shown that students struggle with applying concepts to the real-world. At JumpIN we will help to solve this problem by posting videos that connect concepts in the classroom to the real world. With hopes that students are inspired to post their own videos, as well as questions they need help with and get answers from their peers.


Building a community of leaders who are capable and ready to innovate and create.

Equipping tomorrow

Developing the astrophysicists, engineers, developers, and analysts of tomorrow.


Facilitating the application of concepts and theories taught in the classroom to the real world.

A Global Student-led Classroom

We’re building a diverse community of students from across the country whom each approach learning in different ways. Each with a unique perspective, who see our core STEAM concepts from a similar lens. The idea is that through a student-led approach each student can assist and learn from another student.