About Us

[nd_options_services nd_options_layout=”layout-6″ nd_options_title=”Jarron Thomas” nd_options_description=”Jarron started Jump Institute in 2014 to make cool videos that connected science and the real-world for students (and this soon morphed to the idea of students making their own cool videos). He is passionate about education, economic empowerment and the community.

Outside of Jump Institute Jarron is a consultant, community leader, runner and mentor. He holds degrees in Economics and Sociology.”]

[nd_options_services nd_options_layout=”layout-6″ nd_options_title=”Adam Irving” nd_options_description=”Adam leads the team focused primarily on school adoption for jumpin.io. His team coordinates the smooth transition, onboarding and support of the jump platform into the classroom and into the hands of students. He sets the vision for user experience and leverages a design-thinking approach to enhance our student-led community.

Outside of Jump Institute, Adam is or has been a coach (basketball & football), husband, middle school teacher, mentor, and father of 3. He is also a huge fan of college football, Go Mountaineers! Adam holds a BA in English Literature from UNC Charlotte.”]

[nd_options_services nd_options_layout=”layout-6″ nd_options_title=”Randy Stitt” nd_options_description=”Director-Communications & Strategic Partnerships. Randy B. Stitt is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and a graduate of East Carolina University where he studied Public Relations and Africana Studies. He is an educator, communicator, connector, and public relations practitioner, who focuses heavily on purposeful engagement and solution-focused strategy. His one hope is that he will be able to inspire the upcoming generation, especially youth of color, to unlock their potential to change the world.”]